Ah, that it is, an Oasis in the midst of the Caribbean!

For those of you who have sailed the Seven Seas, does this look like a Ship, or an Oasis in the midst of Manhattan? This is a view of one of the seven neighborhoods located on the Oasis of the Seas. This is Central Park with its shops and wonderful restaurants—Giovanni’s Table, 150 Central Park, Park Café—as well as the many benches to sit and listen to the birds sing or just to read and enjoy the beautiful foliage. Over 12,000 live plants adorn this neighborhood.


Twenty-four sailing souls stretched their cruising imaginations to the limit when we boarded “The Oasis of the Seas” in lighting speed on Saturday, January 16, 2010, for the Nautical Celebration of a Lifetime, organized by the lovely Joanne of New Directions Cruises and Tours.


Take a look at the magnificence of this shipclip_image005!!

The world's largest and newest cruise ship embarks from the world’s largest cruise terminal located at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale. This 225, 000 ton ship owned by Royal Caribbean International has a capacity of 5,400 passengers and requires 2400 crewmembers to provide sailing comfort and safety, and the elegant amenities that outshine even Las Vegas. Sixteen decks house 4 main swimming pools, a park promenade, surf simulators, rock climbing walls, miniature golf, golf simulators, a gymnasium, basketball courts, nine motif bars [at least that we counted---what a chore!]. There are several restaurants including several specialty Restaurants like Giovanni’s, a Boardwalk, casinos that rival those in Vegas, and an entertainment venue covering the full spectrum of shows highlighted by Hairspray from Broadway and the Aqua Show of Olympic class swimmers and divers.



The looks on our faces describes exactly how we felt throughout our cruise. There never was a time that we felt that we were with large crowds of people. There were so many choices of things to do and even the lines to see the shows went very quickly because of the fact that you were able to reserve a seat space on cruise enhancements.


This is the view of Central Park from the Zip-Line which several of our zaniest teammates experienced. Nicht Moi! [Old Pilots, and Bold {Pilots, but No Old Bold Pilots!]



And, Looking Aft, Here’s is the Crows’ Nest view of the Boardwalk with Tons of Goodies from the Donut Shop which serves donuts all day for FREE!!! to the Seafood Shack.







A lovely Carousel upon which many of us “kids at heart” experienced.

Always in pursuit of the artistic and intellectual dignities of the highest order, your Scribe came across the pictures of the decks and boardwalks and promenades that follow, some from the cameras of Group Oasis, aka, GO!, and some snipped from the wonderful Net coverage of the Oasis


This is the Solarium Bar. The Solarium is an adult-only area with Jacuzzis and whirlpools. The Solarium Bistro is a great place to enjoy delicious, healthy cuisine from freshly baked Salmon to vegetables on the grill.

One can see the elegance of the landscaping throughout the ship. Here are more pictures of the Solarium.



The Oasis of the Seas has as many Pools, Jacuzzis and Spas and they provide for a very lady like and gentlemanly way for working out.

The H2O Zone is a great Aqua Park for the young cruisers.


~~Oasis of the Seas, the Three E’s of~~

~~ Elegance, Excitement, and Ease~~

Rounding out the aquatic and athletic venue onboard is the now world famous Surf Simulator, or Surf Rider. This dynamic seaboard challenge is located aft on the Oasis and can be adjusted for the accomplished to the rookie surfer. The wipe outs are sometimes spectacular, but safe with the design and water depth and, appropriately, located adjacent to the surf simulator is the Wipe Out Bar. What a pleasant way to recovery after one’s mastery is thwarted.




Golf Anyone??


And Now, the Promenade, Le Promenade Magnifique. The Promenade is the center of the ship, both physically, and for all of the activities in which most of the guests are interested including informal restaurants and pubs, shopping, the endless parades that liven a cruise to the Mardi Gras crescendo, sports bar [we missed none of the NFL playoff games], and at one end of the Promenade is the 2800 person Opal theatre, and at the other end the elegant Opus dining rooms for formal dining. And, located near the dining rooms is the much talked about elevated cocktail and champagne lounge which travels vertically between Deck 5, the Promenade, and Deck 8, and back permitting a heightened experience of the nectar in preparation for dinner. Quite a delight!

Shopping in the Royal Promenade.



Enjoy a nice cocktail as you ride the Rising Tide Bar which elevates from Deck 5—the Royal Promenade—to Deck 8—Central Park.



The whole world loves a parade and here is a piece of ours on the day before departure home. Do we have to go? Mardi Gras in January, and it never ends!


Acrobatic Team performs in the Opal Theatre in “Come Fly With Me” as well as a part of the parade on the last day.










Con Ti Par dido, Time to ‘Sing’ Goodbye, Hurry Back [Oh We Will!]

~~Oasis of the Seas, the Three E’s of~~

~~ Elegance, Excitement, and Ease~~

On the Boardwalk, Here We Go, On the Boardwalk, Where The People Glow, On the Boardwalk. And, here we are, swinging to the pole of the balloon vendor and ready to dual with him on call. Having kept the peace, while Billy Balloon is still swinging, we call in the rest of Joanne’s Board of Directors for a Corporate Photo and, with the percentage of closing eyes, one can tell this to be in the wee hours of the morning. What a trip!



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