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Celebrity Solstice

In a word, Magnificent. The ship’s appointments in decorations, furnishings, facilities, the floorings, the dining rooms, even the casino, which sometimes I find a bit “tacky,” were all just lovely.

Lawn Club 3                                                                 Lawn Club                                                                                      Lawn Area


More importantly, so was the crew, to a man and woman. Our stateroom attendees were attentive and not bothersome. All the necessities were provided while we were attending other functions, and everything was there. I will say the same for our waiters in the dining room, and all of the barmen in those lovely fountains of joy that I have been known to frequent. And, the various attendees in the self serve dining rooms, the Oceans Café were just the same. One cannot help but think that the personality and outreach of our Cruise Director, Ian from Melbourne, Australia, has had a great deal to do with the training of these fine people to perform with excellence, continually, week in and week out, with very little time off until their home leave every six months. They are remarkable.

We didn’t visit the specialty restaurants because the food and service, and the variety in the Epernay Dining Room were too inviting. The cuisine was delightful and I had the pleasure of discussions with the Chief Chef from Holland in Michael’s and complimented him on all of the food and food and wine service. Just wonderful.

From a workout viewpoint, the Solarium was superb for swimming and Jacuzzi-ing though I would suggest that larger tubs replace those currently on board They can only hold 4 to 6 people at maximum which necessitated us getting there quite early to be comfortable. But the Solarium pool and facilities, including the light breakfast right there, were superb.

Pool with upper decks                                                                   Whirlpool in Main Pool                                                      Main pool


We did not get off the ship to tour. As far as I am concerned, the tour is the ship and I seldom get off any place. Joanne tours more, but we have already visited San Juan and the Virgin Islands so she too remained on the ship in perfect weather which gave us the opportunity to view those island cities from the ship, a panoramic delight.

The boarding and debarkation processes were the best I can remember, though Royal does that well too. As Diamonds, we had all the comforts of Tuscans while waiting for our number to be called and we disembarked easily, found luggage readily and a porter who got us through customs and to our cab in short order. It was perfect.

Solarium with flower trelis                                                     Solarium                                                             Solarium 3

Ah, the shows. As my Brit friends say, Smashing. Both the orchestra on board and the dancers and aerialist did a splendid job, and the Solstice special guests of Sean O’Shea, the magician whose name I have forgotten, and the A Cappela quartet were just terrific. The only things I missed from Royal were the Ice Show which I just love, and Studio B to watch the football games and enjoy the camaraderie of those like minded.

Desserts in Brunch                                                                   Tree in Main Entrance                                                                    Main entrance           

Lest I forget, Michael’s for that cocktail before dinner, and their service, was wonderful and we first time Celebrity Cruisers that had that bene brought over from Royal really appreciated Celebrity’s hospitality. As Ian said at our farewell show, “let’s go up to the Bridge and tell the 4 officers up there to turn around and let’s do it all over again.

We are ready anytime.

Respectfully and gratefully, David R.J.G. Halloran, Lover of the Sea

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